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South Hampton Homes Association kindly reminds residents that our community has restrictions designed to preserve a harmonious design and protect the value of the property. There are several types of changes to your property that require prior approval of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is the group who receives, reviews and approves these requests. The ARC encourages you to read and familiarize yourself with our HOA's two governance documents; the Homes Association Declaration and the South Hampton Declarations of Restrictions.

It is very important to submit a request form and gain approval of the South Hampton
Homes Association ARC. Unauthorized changes may need to be removed/corrected at
the homeowner’s expense. Please use the Architectural Change Request Form (link below) to submit requests.

The ARC recognizes that reading legal documents can be tedious and confusing and to
help, following is a quick reference of items requiring written ARC approval.
Changes Requiring Written ARC Approval
  • Any change or alteration in the exterior design after original construction (including siding) (pg 2, paragraph 8)
  • Fences or Walls (pg 2, paragraph 9)
  • Swimming Pools or Spas (pg 2, paragraph 11)
  • Driveway improvements or surface materials other than concrete (pg 3, paragraph 15)
  • Signs, Advertisements, Billboards or Advertising Structures (exception for property for sale sign) (pg 3, paragraph 16)
The Architectural Review Committee recognizes that there may be occasions where questions arise as to whether or not approval is needed. We want to encourage all residents to engage the Committee when those questions arise. As a community, we are individually responsible for the attractiveness, desirability and safety of our community. Everyone wants to be good neighbors. We encourage your questions, so please don't hesitate to ask.  You can use the Contact Us link to submit a question to the Architectural Review Committee.
You can also review the Architectural FAQ document to answer common questions.